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The prospect of finally getting sober is exciting, and the idea of going to an addiction recovery program is bound to leave you full of questions about what to expect. Whether this is your first time trying to get sober or you have tried before, it is important to know that every drug rehab facility is different. As you prepare for your visit, here are the answers you should expect from Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment program in Lindale, Texas. We make sure your recovery is the top priority.


How Will I Get Through Detox?


When you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, the fear of the unknown is a powerful force that can interfere with your treatment. This is something that the staff members at a drug detox clinic in Lindale are prepared to help you overcome. With supervised detox, you do not have to worry about being afraid of uncomfortable symptoms. Instead, you will be guided through every step of the process with compassionate support that includes monitoring your physical health as well as your emotional well-being.


Can I Treat My Depression At the Same Time?


Absolutely! In fact, dual diagnosis mental health treatment should be a primary component of the program offered by our Lindale addiction treatment facility. Mental issues such as depression and PTSD interfere with your ability to recover successfully from addiction if they are not treated properly and simultaneously. You will be glad to have the support provided inside our Lindale addiction treatment center.

Will Anyone Know I Am Here?


When you enter your addiction recovery facility, you will be briefed regarding the security procedures that are in place to keep everyone safe. Usually, this will involve a confidentiality clause, which simply means that they won’t let anyone know you are staying there without your permission. This also goes for all information shared during therapy sessions. In return, you may also be asked not to reveal the names of other clients or their whereabouts or shared information to anyone outside of the center. Supervised visitation and outpatient schedules are a few more ways that your addiction recovery center in Lindale will keep you protected during treatment.


Is It Okay to Talk to Other Clients?


Drug rehab centers encourage clients to converse with each other both in and out of therapy sessions. During your stay, you will find that having the support of people who are going through the same struggle fills you with feelings of empowerment. In our Lindale substance abuse treatment facility, there are people at different stages of recovery, and this provides a wealth of resources for the times you need support.


What Happens After I Leave?


Salvations drug rehab facility in Lindale will not send you home without creating an aftercare plan that is designed to fit into your lifestyle and keep you sober. Making recovery work means knowing that there will eventually come a time when you have to leave your treatment program. While detox is most effective under supervision, you will progress to a point when therapy can be provided on an outpatient basis. These aftercare programs also give you the opportunity to continue work with other clients and therapists that guided you through your first stages of recovery.


Addiction recovery involves many factors that must be weighed carefully when you make the decision to attend treatment. The fact that you are asking questions now is a sign that you are ready to embark upon the journey of sobriety. It is also important to note that you will encounter many questions along the way, and being a part of a sober community will help you find the answers you need. Reach out today, and get the help you seek to turn your life back to a state of positive well-being with help and guidance of Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Lindale, Texas.

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