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Drug addiction is a tough mountain to climb. Getting sober will be the one of the most rewarding things in your life with the right guidance and support. Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Omaha, Nebraska can help and guide you up that mountain. With a variety of advanced addiction techniques implemented by caring and compassionate specialists, you can have everything you need in order to recover and heal.


Supervised Detox


After you make the commitment to sobriety by admitting you have a problem you can’t solve without professional help, you will be admitted to our Omaha drug detox clinic. The detox process is strictly supervised to ensure that you are as comfortable and safe as possible during this turbulent time. The management and supervision of our experienced detox professionals will enable you to get through withdrawal symptoms as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

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Individual Therapy


After your body finishes ridding itself of its physical dependence, you will transition into long-term treatment with intensive therapy. One-on-one therapy sessions with an accomplished and caring therapist will allow you to share your deepest thoughts and your darkest secrets to relieve yourself of the burden. During individual sessions, you will also craft a customized treatment plan that will enable you to get the treatment and care catered to your needs. Many of those needs are met with dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Nearly half of all addictions concern and underlying and contributing mental health disorder that needs to be addressed before the addiction can be properly treated.


Customized Treatment Plans


You need addiction treatment that is designed for you, not the other way around. Each person is different, no two addictions are the same, and neither should their addiction treatment plans. The numerous methods and addiction recovery techniques at Omaha substance abuse treatment facility will be provided by some of the most compassionate and empathetic addiction recovery professionals in the field. They will personalize your treatment to fit your needs and adjust it accordingly, as each program is completely customizable.


Dual Diagnosis Mental Health


Perhaps the most crucial aspect of our Omaha addiction treatment center, dual diagnosis mental health is extremely pivotal to relieving people of their addictions with the treatment they so badly need. Before we can effectively eliminate the addiction, we must identify and address all root causes. By treating the core of the problem, the addiction is properly managed and treated alongside it.


Group Therapy


During group sessions, a community is fostered between clients and staff members alike. Through group therapy, clients are able to share their struggles with people that are going through similar things. You will get to hear the stories of others to know you are not alone in that struggle. Lastly, you will get to exchange valuable advice and receive adequate insight and support.




When you go to leave our addiction recovery facility, you will still need resources and guidance in place to ensure your sobriety after you have left Salvations drug rehab clinic in Omaha. We don’t leave our clients high and dry. Our esteemed and experienced addiction experts provide all the necessary knowledge, guidance, and tools to ensure you have everything you need to stay sober indefinitely.


There is no time to waste. Don’t let addiction run your life any longer. Take control of your situation by calling Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment Facility in Omaha, Nebraska today to set up the consultation that will change your life forever. Come see how it feels to be free, you won’t regret it.