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There is no better place to get healthy than Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment and our drug rehab facility in Alpena, Michigan. Our addiction recovery center is a fantastic place to just break away from life and focus on yourself and what you need to do to get back to your health. We understand that life has gotten a little out of control since you’ve developed an addiction, but at our Alpena addiction treatment facility, we are trained and skilled in meeting your needs to give you the best possible chance of recovery. There is nothing we want more than to see you walk through our addiction recovery program and find the confidence to maintain your sobriety when you return to your new, positive life.


Each process of addiction recovery comes with its own set of challenges and many more benefits. The first step will be supervised detox. In our Alpena drug detox clinic, you will undergo a detox to cleanse your body of the toxins that have build up from the use of drugs or alcohol. This will be supervised to ensure your safety and comfort because this step can become somewhat uncomfortable both physically and mentally. You will have the comfort and peace of mind that you are not alone, and you will quickly begin to realize that you really can do this. Once this step is complete, you will be able to move through the others steps with a clear mind and body.

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We want you to only have to focus on you and your recovery. We know there is already so much on your mind, so we take great pride in the safety and care of our Alpena addiction recovery facility. This will give you one less thing to worry about during your recovery.


In Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment centers, we surround you with a community of support. We believe support is critical during the recovery process. These people will be a positive influence and an encouragement when the hard days come and you feel like you can’t keep going. They will encourage you to never give up. We offer extended support groups at our Alpena addiction treatment center. These groups will allow you to build strong, healthy relationships. You will learn to listen to others speak about their experiences while learning to share your own. Speaking openly and honestly may be a habit your need to relearn. But we believe it is most important to be honest so the real healing can begin. In our support groups, you will learn that there is no shame and no judgment, being honest is easy.


Our substance abuse treatment facility in Alpena specializes in dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is when you have the diagnosis of addiction and a mental illness such as bipolar disorder or depression. A mental illness does not have to hold you back in life if it is well-managed. But when it isn’t managed properly, it can push some to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. We treat each diagnosis simultaneously. Once the mental illness is managed with the help of an expert and recovery from addiction is in process, chances of success skyrocket. We also believe that you are a unique individual. This is why we offer you an individualized treatment plan. We want to take the time to really get to know you so we can design a treatment plan that specifically fits your needs. We cannot let you fall through the cracks or become just another number that walks through our programs, which is why we take the time to build a relationship with you.


Addiction recovery is hard. But staying in the trap of addiction is even harder. Only you can make this choice and do the work of recovery. But this time, you do not have to do it alone. So, maybe now is the time you should give yourself the most important gift, your sobriety.