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Going to a drug rehab facility for a drug or alcohol addiction is a complicated and deeply personal decision to make. While going to Salvations addiction recovery facility in Marion, Indiana is the first step in changing your lifestyle and getting back on track, hard work and dedication is imperative.


While working to get through your addiction, our Marion addiction treatment facility will be your home. The staff and clients at the facility will be your support system and your community. In many ways, the other individuals at Salvations drug rehab centers influence how you receive treatment.


At Marion addiction treatment center, we understand the importance of your community during the vulnerable period of recovery. This is why we focus on creating a facility that allows for honest communication, comfortable discussions, and an overall safe environment.


How is Salvations Different from Other Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities?


When you visit our Marion substance abuse treatment facility, you will be put through a series of treatment plans designed to help you overcome your addiction. But many clinics only care about getting your business. They shuffle you through their doors, provide you with a cookie cutter treatment for a few weeks, and then send you back to your old life to relapse.


But at Salvations, we care about getting to the root of your addiction and eliminating it completely. We know that recovery process is challenging and that some individuals need a different level of care than others. For that reason, each of our recovery programs is designed individually for the client.


In determining what the client needs to get through the recovery process, we will consider things like how long the addiction has lasted, what kind of drugs are involved in the addiction, and whether or not you have attempted recovery before. Additionally, we need to use dual diagnosis mental health treatment to get down to the root cause of your addiction, treat it, and effectively move on to treating your addiction.


In considering each of these factors, our specialists develop a plan for each client to guide them through the recovery process. Along each step of the way, we will reevaluate the plan and make adjustments when necessary, always focusing on the end goal of keeping our clients sober.  


What Does an Addiction Recovery Program Look Like?


While each individual will have a unique plan for addiction recovery, each process will follow a similar path. Upon entering the drug detox clinic in Marion, all clients will enter the withdrawal phase of the rehabilitation process.


At Salvations, we provide a strictly supervised detox to guide our clients through what can be the most challenging part of recovering from a drug addiction. The length of the detox phase will depend on a few factors, including the kind and amount of drugs still in your system. It may also depend on for how long and how frequently you used the drug.


Under supervision, detox will go as quickly and smoothly as possible. For some, the phase will be uncomfortable and even painful. That is why it is important to undergo a detox under the watchful eye of professionals who are there to help you and ensure that you effectively and completely detox.


The next phase of rehabilitation is therapy. While clients are in the facility, they will have frequent therapy appointments in different forms. The most basic form of therapy is one-on-one meetings, designed to give clients the opportunity to talk about personal needs in a comfortable and private environment. Clients will also be encouraged to take part in group therapies or family sessions.


Finally, before leaving Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment, we will help you come up with an aftercare plan that helps you adjust to daily life. Through therapies, meetings, and other forms of aftercare, we help clients stay on their path to recovery. Many aftercare plans will last for years after the individual leaves initial treatment.


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