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Our Dunnellon, Florida, Addiction Recovery Facility


Without a considerable amount of support, substance abuse can be difficult to overcome. At our addiction recovery center in Dunnellon, Florida, we make sure that all clients have the tools they need to make a complete and long-term recovery. All staff members are trained to guide clients through a supervised detox program, and a range of support groups are offered every step of the way. Once clients have progressed through their time at the drug detox clinic, they feel a renewed sense of vigor towards life. Having left the pain of substance abuse behind, clients can reestablish meaningful relationships with family members and friends and progress towards their goals once again.


Individuals who have just gotten out of abusive relationships and are looking for a way to recover their peace of mind will be able to find it at our facility. Even if they have been victims of domestic violence at some point in the past and have turned to drug use, our substance abuse treatment facility in Dunnellon is designed to be a safe and secure facility. Clients will be able to talk about their struggles and fears without shame or condescension. In fact, staff members employed at Salvations drug rehab centers have been trained to provide impeccable advice and treatment to people who are suffering from substance abuse issues. The goal is never to scold, but instead provide a framework through which sobriety can be obtained.


Our addiction treatment center emphasizes a process that includes dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Both generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder are illnesses that can lead to substance abuse, especially as men and women try to complete their daily and weekly tasks without falling off a mental cliff. Anxiety, in fact, heightens addiction complications. It often pushes people into uncomfortable situations in which the only relief might be self-medication with drugs or alcohol. Mild to moderate anxiety issues can also be combated with an enrollment in individual and group therapy sessions. Clients will learn that anxiety, depression, and other related disorders are not something to be ashamed of. In fact, mental disorders are quite prevalent in the general population. Knowing that others suffer from the same issues can be quite illuminating.


In addition to anxiety, our Dunnellon drug rehab facility also helps clients who are suffering from depressive disorders. Depression can be made better with group therapy sessions that emphasize the more positive aspects of life. In fact, one of the most debilitating symptoms of depression is motivation, which can make life seem like it is spinning out of control. Clients who use hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin are often dealing with major depression or bipolar disorder. Once a formal diagnosis has been made, treatment plans are drawn up so clients can return to positive mental health while moving towards sobriety.


Addiction recovery is most effective when it is teamed with an effective aftercare program. Clients will have a chance to meet with qualified staff members at our Dunnellon addiction recovery facility to talk about their options. Some clients, for example, may be asked to meet with a case manager to make sure they are staying on track. Case managers will also be able to provide a range of secondary resources to clients. Social activities and educational programs allow clients to develop skills that can be used to avoid a relapse. Some programs might feature rehab specialists as guest speakers. At Salvations addiction treatment facility in Dunnellon, clients meet with staff members to discuss aftercare options before they leave.


Clients will ultimately realize that suffering from addiction is not their fault. In fact, they can recover with the right resources and guidance. The goal of Salvations drug addiction recovery program in Dunnellon, Florida is to provide a network of support that will make success much easier to attain going forward.

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