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Discover a Secure Detox Environment in Clemmons, North Carolina



A Secure Detox Environment

Have you searched for a secure drug detox clinic in Clemmons, North Carolina? Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment provides a great location for families seeking a safe and comfortable substance abuse treatment facility for a loved one.

With many drug rehab centers today requiring long waiting lists, we offer a responsive network of local care facilities. Our drug rehab facility in Clemmons, North Carolina furnishes many households with the convenience of a well-located, private clinic in a nearby community.


The Importance of Supervised Detox

People battling substance abuse and addiction benefit from closely supervised detox. Our addiction recovery program supplies this service. Clients can undergo detoxification in a secure, structured environment. Yet they also gain the advantage of a small, yet close and supportive, community within the addiction treatment facility.


Supervision helps ensure detox occurs and a client does not impulsively relapse before completing this important step. It offers a gateway to an extended addiction recovery process. You’ll appreciate the compassionate, caring approach maintained by everyone at our Clemmons facility.


Available Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

Another advantage for clients seeking assistance from our network of treatment facilities involves our ability to address the needs of dual diagnosis mental health and substance abuse clients. Just as no single person is exactly the same as another, clients at an addiction recovery center possess unique therapy challenges. No two are alike in every way. Some clients who seek our assistance display signs of a co-occurring mental illness in addition to an addiction.


Our comprehensive addiction treatment center provides a supportive environment for clients diagnosed with mental health conditions. We do not turn clients away because of a dual diagnosis.


Sustaining Honest Communication

Clients at our Clemmons addiction recovery facility will enjoy a safe, secure environment, enabling them to speak honestly about their lifestyle and challenges. Fostering this type of open, supportive atmosphere helps us provide important assistance to clients from diverse backgrounds.


We strive to provide a sensitive, caring place for people seeking treatment for substance abuse and addiction. During the treatment process, our clients sometimes experience revelations or insights about their lives. Maintaining open, honest communication permits this type of self-discovery to occur.


Respecting Individual Treatment Plans

At Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment, we offer a place for clients to adhere to varying individual treatment plans comfortably and without condemnation. In this location, your loved one can undergo detox, therapy, and extended residential and out-treatment care as necessary. We don’t expect everyone to adhere to the same rigid treatment plan; instead, we want to provide each individual with the treatment strategy that will work best for them.


Our ability to cater to individual needs helps us supply a supportive environment in Clemmons, North Carolina for clients from different backgrounds and lifestyles. By respecting individual differences, we seek to foster a caring and supportive environment.


Addressing Complex Needs

Some of our clients prefer extended outpatient treatment contracts after completing detox and therapy on a residential basis. We seek to accommodate varying individual treatment plans. Make Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment in Clemmons, North Carolina your preferred resource for addressing detox and substance abuse and addiction issues!


By remaining available to supply ongoing support to clients as required, our Clemmons addiction recovery center can supply the long term encouragement and assistance some individuals require to achieve success. We’ll keep in touch with clients to help them regain their independence and autonomy after leaving our facility.


A Wise Investment

Our network of facilities, including the Clemmons detox clinic, represents a wise investment for many families dealing with the heartbreak imposed by substance abuse. Let our addiction recovery program enhance the lives of your family members soon!

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