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If you’ve been struggling with a drug addiction, you’re not alone. Millions of people face the same struggles each year and are equally baffled and debilitated by the disease. It baffles people that don’t suffer from it, too. Many people don’t understand how addiction develops and how to help those who suffer. However well-intentioned family members and friends can be, they simply can’t understand the complexities of what someone suffering from drug addiction is going through. This is your battle. The great news is that you’ve discovered one of the best tools to fight it: our drug detox clinic in Encinitas, California. Salvations addiction recovery program encompasses all the most effective about recovery. We believe in individual therapy with dual diagnosis mental health treatment, comforting group sessions that form a strong extended support group, and the most comprehensive and individualized aftercare planning of any addiction treatment center around.


Drug addiction touches the lives of many people. When someone suffers from drug addiction, all the people in their life suffer as well. In many cases, the family needs help, too, and they can attain this through family therapy. In the meantime, our Encinitas substance abuse treatment facility can get to the heart of your addiction and show you how to conquer it.


When you choose one of Salvations’ drug rehab centers, you’re getting a supervised detox that is comfortable and tolerable. The addiction experts in Encinitas will provide you with the compassionate counseling you need to overcome those first rough few weeks while cultivating extended support within our community. We have a lot of rules and regulations that make for a safe, comfortable inpatient environment. You can count on your fellow peers in recovery to share their experiences with you and tell you how they’re coping. Professionals mediate group meetings and let everyone speak openly and honestly about how they’re recovery. It’s a great way to get out your ideas or just constructively vent to get through each small step of treatment.


Individual therapy is a comfortable, eye-opening experience. A certified counselor will speak with you about your addiction as well as any contributing mental health issues. Together you will honestly discuss a personalized treatment plan that is right for you. It’s up to each client to be honest and forthcoming about problems with their counselor. This is an opportunity to make great strides in recovery, so go into counseling with an open mind and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make. Addiction recovery is all about honesty. Often, clients are forced to tell lie after lie to hide their addiction, their behavior during addiction, and their shame about their condition. At Salvations drug rehab facility in Encinitas, the trail of lies melts away and clients are finally free to be themselves again.


After detox, therapy, and group meetings, clients will leave our addiction recovery center in Encinitas to face everyday life once again. Recovery always runs the risk of relapse. Clients receive a sound aftercare program after they leave a Salvations addiction recovery facility. They are armed with appointments for individual therapy, group meetings, phone numbers to agencies that can help with housing and food assistance, and so much more. No one leaves our Encinitas addiction treatment facility without a full list of resources and plenty of appointments to keep them busy during those pivotal first weeks outside our doors. Relapse is especially frequent in the first few weeks after release, so we make sure that our clients have hope to keep them solid during the uncertain time.


We are glad that you found this page and can begin your own unique journey toward well-being and recovery from addiction. All the problems that have followed you in your addiction can quickly heal once you get the help you need. Call Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Encinitas today and schedule an appointment.

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