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The rehabilitation process can be a deeply personal transition. In order to overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol, you need to allow yourself to become vulnerable and open to treatment forms and therapy. But if you are uncomfortable or untrusting of the environment that you’re in, this can become extremely difficult.


If you’re looking for an addiction recovery facility to help you through the addiction recovery process, you want to select a place that focuses completely on you and your needs. At Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment, our substance abuse treatment facility located in Palmhurst, Texas, we do just this.


What Makes Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment a Special Addiction Recovery Center?

The addiction treatment facility that you select will set the tone for the way addiction is treated. Unfortunately, some drug rehab centers only give you a standard treatment approach without considering if it is truly the best plan for you.


At Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment, we approach recovery differently. We know that each individual has unique needs and those needs need to be recognized and fulfilled to attain lasting recovery. That is why we take the time to get to know you, so together, we can create a unique addiction recovery program that will address your singular situation.


The first phase of an addiction recovery program includes supervised detoxification. During the detox phase, clients and drug detox clinic staff will focus on eliminating toxins from the body. The detox phase will be monitored by professionals who can provide care and assistance for those in need.


The detox phase allows clients to get a fresh start to therapy. By removing all traces of drugs and alcohol from the body, clients will be able to focus on treating the mental health aspect of addiction.


During the next phase of recovery, clients will undergo various forms of therapy. One of the most common therapies utilized in a drug rehab facility is group meetings. In these group settings, clients of all different backgrounds and needs will come together to share stories, thoughts, and feelings. By understanding the needs of other clients in the clinic, each individual can gain a support system and community that will help them make better decisions.


Clients will also have one-on-one meetings. In these solo therapy meetings, clients will have personal discussions with therapists or professionals. The main focus of these meetings is to determine potential mental health issues that may have led to addiction. The professional will assist the client in unearthing problems and addressing them in more productive ways.


Another form of treatment that clients may participate in is family therapy. Because addiction can hurt relationships or connections with loved ones, family therapy allows clients and the ones they love to solve problems and restore communication. Therapy will continue throughout the client’s entire stay at the addiction treatment center. However, treatment will still be necessary after the individual leaves. This is known as aftercare.


Aftercare needs will depend on the individual and the environment they are returning to. For those who need additional assistance returning to the real world, special housing may be requested as an aftercare treatment. Other individuals may want to continue one-on-one treatment therapies or group meetings.


Aftercare appointments and twelve step meetings may continue for years after the individual leaves the treatment facility. The meetings are designed to help clients stay away from the drugs and alcohol that they were determined to get away from.

Get the Unique Help That You Need

If you’re serious about overcoming your addiction, contact Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment in Palmhurst, Texas. At Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment, we understand that getting through an addiction requires special care and a unique attitude. Because we want to see you make lasting changes to your lifestyle, we will work with you to discover and fill your needs.


With a focus on unique care and a comfortable setting, Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment will help you make the necessary changes that put you back in control of your life.

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