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Whether you are addicted to something for the first time, or have been to a drug rehab center several times before, you need the right treatment to break from addiction and find a healthy, happy, rewarding, and prosperous life. The addiction specialists at Salvations Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Eugene, Oregon, can provide everything you need to stay sober long-term, not just passed the withdrawal symptoms.


First, before you do anything else, you must admit to yourself and others that you have a problem. You must also acknowledge addiction is a disease that the vast majority of people cannot beat on their own. Once you have come to terms with these truths, it will be time to enroll at our drug detox clinic in Eugene. With the care of our empathetic addiction professionals, you will be able to get through the withdrawal symptoms with as much ease and comfortability as possible. The proper supervision will provide adequate guidance and security making the detox as painless and efficient as possible. Once your body rids itself of the physical dependence, you will be able to move on to long-term therapy.

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After detox, individual and group therapies will be your most integral tools to overcome addiction. One-on-one therapy will have you opening up, sharing dark secrets, and getting your feelings off your chest. During these sessions, you will also craft a personalized addiction recovery plan that will guide your work at our Eugene drug rehab clinic and beyond. No two people are the same, their addictions certainly aren’t, and they need to be treated with the nuance and expertise they deserve. Only when you have a treatment plan that is catered to your needs and situation can you fully recover.


You will also be screened for dual diagnosis mental health issues when you are individual sessions. Nearly half of all addictions concern and underlying and exacerbating mental health illness that will make it nearly impossible to break free from addiction. To properly treat you, we need to identify and address all root problems that are at the core of your dependency. Looking at the underlying factors that cause your addiction will eventually free you from it.


Group therapy is another amazing resource to liberate you from drug abuse. During group sessions, there is a community cultivated that will disarm you and allow you to open up. By exchanging stories, struggles, and advice for coping techniques, clients get to truly help each other while taking advantage of the resources to learn from and implement in your own life.


As you progress in your treatment, a carefully constructed aftercare program will be created to ensure that you can stay sober indefinitely. With similar techniques and meetings, you will have the support and guidance necessary to overcome your dependency and leave a fulfilling life. You need this valuable support to continue with your treatment and keep your sobriety intact.


Salvations Drug Addiction Recovery Facility in Eugene is standing by to take your call. You have waited long enough, there is no time to waste. Don’t let addiction control your life any longer. Come see what freedom feels like, call us today to set up a consultation that will change your life forever. Support is waiting for you. You won’t regret it.